Stanisław Wyspiański (1869-1907)

On the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of death of this eminent artist, we would like to present for the first time to the general public Wyspiański’s complete oeuvre, which has been gathered little by little by the Museum from the 1920. Exemplified by outstanding pieces, our collection shows the versatility of Wyspiański’s talent and artistic interests, from his self-portraits and portraits of his family and friends, landscapes, projects of stained glass windows and polychromes, furniture, costumes, vignettes and en-têtes, posters, covers, inventory drawings, copies of architectural details, to the so-called herbarium. This set had always been strongly protected by generations of curators and conservators. Thus, the majority of these objects were exposed only occasionally because of the fragility of the technique in which they were made (coloured pastel falling while moved, fragile base paper, harmfulness of daylight). Part of this collection has never been exposed. This anniversary offers us the unique opportunity for such a complex presentation, as well as for fixing or replacing the old frames, and also for undertaking necessary conservation works.

The anniversary gives an unrepeatable occasion to show the richness of Wyspiański’s oeuvre, which has been preserved in the collection of the National Museum in Warsaw, despite of severe losses from which the collection suffered during the two world wars.  The specificity of the technique the most frequently used by Wyspiański excludes the organisation of a big, monographic exposition comprising the complete aspects of artist’s work. Thus, the exposition of his most outstanding works, along with his studies, never so far for this reason exposed, gives the opportunity of a new look on his art, both by the professionals and his admirers. In order to make the exposition more attractive, we are currently soliciting the loan of several precious Wyspiański’s works, being in the private collections in Warsaw.

The exhibition "Like a Meteor... Stanislaw Wyspianski 1869-1907"
10 August – 30 September 2007 in the National Museum in Warsaw

Year 2007 – the Year of Stanisław Wyspiański

The Sejm Resolution of the Republic of Poland Dated 7 December 2006 on Proclaiming Year 2007 the Year of Stanisław Wyspiański

Stanisław Wyspiański (1869–1907) – professor of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, painter, draughtsman, playwright, theatre director and set designer and brilliant visionary; author of beautiful applied art items, numerous literary pieces – first and foremost of the momentous drama “Wedding”; one of the most versatile artists in Europe. He combined modesty and artistic meticulousness with a unique imagination. In his life and oeuvre he defined the man as a creative individual, fully responsible for his destiny and for the way of building interpersonal relationships. In his works he undertook a dialogue with his contemporaries and with the national tradition, unceasingly asking questions which were essential then and remain essential today. He continues to inspire the most important Polish artists. Stanisław Wyspiański is an artist who played a unique role in constructing our national consciousness. The year 2007 marks the hundredth anniversary of death of this eminent personnage. The Sejm of the Republic of Poland, convinced of the very special importance of his work to the national and international heritage, proclaims the year 2007 the Year of Stanisław Wyspiański.
Parliament speaker: M. Jurek

translated by Anna Kiełczewska